The Undoing Community
The Undoing Community
Deanna Lorea

Welcome to The Undoing Community

A Space Where Becoming Undone is Widely Accepted and Wildly Celebrated.

About The Undoing Community

What's In It For You?

You asked for it…finally longer content! This is a safe space, away from distractions and social media to become UNDONE…to go deeper with God…to find freedom that‘s yours.

Community Gets Access To...

Live 30-40 min. Spirit-Led Teaching

Podcast Episodes    

Group Bible Study

Holy Spirit-led Reading for Introspection    

Guided Meditative Writing Prompts

Close-Knit Community of Diverse People

This place is for…

those who want to build a deeper relationship with God 

those that feel like they’ve tried to reach for God but He didn’t reach back

those that may have been hurt/turned away by “religion” 

those that just love Jesus and are tired of the division that separates us through religion 

those that want a safe space to be vulnerable before the Lord 

 those that are tired of all the “doing” and want to just sit at His feet 

those that want to know Him but nothing makes sense 

those that want to hear from Him but everything feels confusing 

 those that want to see scripture through the eyes of God

 those that feel lost in their pursuit of walking with Him 

those that are afraid to trust in Someone they don’t see because they’ve been hurt by people they do see 

those that have grown up in church and want nothing to do with the church 

 those that have felt hurt/abandoned by God 

those that have felt anger towards God 

 those that are curious about God but not because of what people have said 

 those that want to know Him for themselves

 those that love Jesus but feel they have no reason to live 

those that have lived different lifestyles and are tired of being judged 

those seeking rest… 

If any of this stirred something in you… join.

What We Will Do Together...

Together, we will share our true feelings in authenticity, encourage each other in mutuality (the art of giving and receiving), support each other in sympathy, forgive one another in mercy, speak the truth in love and honesty, admit our weakness for growth in humility, respect our differences with courtesy, not gossip and instead practice confidentiality, and make this community a priority in frequency.  

I vow to never speak on my own authority. This is not a space where I promise “weekly“ anything. I will speak as the Holy Spirit guides. This is a place where we follow the voice of God, not me. This is a place where He holds the answers, not me. This is a place where He will guide you through the work of the Holy Spirit, not me. 

Faith through the saving work of Jesus Christ will be what speaks to you, not what you see through a screen. He is Who we will follow together. He is the Source, I am simply a resource.