The Undoing Community
The Undoing Community
Deanna Lorea

Welcome to The Undoing Community

A Space Where Becoming Undone is Widely Accepted and Wildly Celebrated.

About The Undoing Community

What's In It For You?

A safe space to become Undone

What if living the life you desire isn't about doing more, it's about doing less? You don't need more money, another degree, a better body, a nicer car, a prettier face, more friends, a larger Instagram following, or (insert anything external). The key is not in more, but in less; doing less so there’s space for you to surface, As You Are.  

This is when life begins. This is where we become undone, we appreciate, we dissect, we learn, we shed, we grow, and we love the core of who we are. This is where OUR Creator wants you. Becoming Undone creates space for what He wants to do with  and through you, completely UNRAVELED.

What You'll Gain by Being in this Space...

Freedom from the need to please others      

Freedom from living selfishly instead of selflessly    

Freedom to replace trauma triggers

Freedom to breaking self-damaging habits loops    

Freedom to overcome the fear of solitude 

Freedom from allowing fear and feelings to dictate your reality   

Freedom to break draining subconscious inner vows  

Freedom to serve your integrity over cultural norms   

Freedom to thrive, Completely Undone

What We Will Do Together...

Together, we will share our true feelings in authenticity, encourage each other in mutuality (the art of giving and receiving), support each other in sympathy, forgive one another in mercy, speak the truth in love and honesty, admit our weakness for growth in humility, respect our differences with courtesy, not gossip and instead practice confidentiality, and make this community a priority in frequency.  

Community Gets Access To...

1-1 Coaching  

Live 60-90 min Spiritually Guided Interactive Teaching

30-60 min Q+A Discovery Sessions

Insightful Developmental Workbooks  

Start Your Day Gratitude Practices

Discovery of Your Personal Integrity

Daily/Weekly Reflective Practices     

Daily Reading for Introspection    

Guided Meditative Journal Prompts

    Close-Knit Community of Diverse people


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